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It is getting harder to find vet care

The pandemic has put a lot of pressure on vets who are leaving the industry which means that care is going to be hard to find going forward

With the number of pet owners blooming after the pandemic and the turnover rate of veterinarians growing we see that there's a need for an autonomous advice solution today more than ever


Vet labour shortage at crisis point, recruitment agency says

RNZ - October 6, 2021

Some vet clinics around the country are closing down - because they can't get enough staff - a recruiter says.

"Massey University produces around 100 graduates every year, that's not enough.

Shortage of vets nationally in 'demanding and exhausting' job

ABC News - 10 May, 2021

"We've got some graduates in the last few years that have actually left the profession within six months."


Are we in a veterinary workforce crisis?

AVMA - 15 September, 2021

Employee turnover and attrition remain high in veterinary medicine, especially when compared with other health care professions. The average turnover for veterinarians is twice as high as it is for physicians in medical practice

What Will Become of the Pandemic Pets?

New yorker - 21 June, 2021

Veterinarians were slammed. The vet network BluePearl, which is owned by Mars (whose pet-care business dwarfs its candy business), reported that visits were up more than twenty per cent in 2020—and that more than half of them were from new patients. 


The decision of getting a pet isn't easy


Fear the responsibility of owning a pet


Fear the costs associated with caring for a pet


For an average emergency vet visit

Our algorithm is able to provide personalised reliable advice that will make it easy for pet owners to care for their new fur baby, and with being able to highlight potential issues early on, our app would tell the owner when and why they need to visit a veterinarian before any serious health concerns start rising, giving their pet a smoother quicker recovery and saving them a lot of heartache by avoiding emergency visits