The underlying magic of it all!

How can one deliver reliable on-point information, at the right time, in the right context, for the pet owner that needs it?


#1 A growing vet-driven database


Meet Dr Nicole

Upilio Co-Founder

Exotics veterinarian since 2014, Dr Nicole has treated animals ranging from Finches to Cape buffalo, but her passion has always been about improving the lives of companion exotic pets.

Dr Nicole leads a team of veterinarians that maintain all the data in Upilio and guarantee its reliability


#2 Contextual AI

AKA Contextual Artificial Intelligence


AKA Contextual Artificial Intelligence that has the domain knowledge necessary and the context around the pet's health to problem-solve and generate personalised, reliable advice and present it at the right time when it's needed

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Which results in


Better decisions through good advice


An example of how a vet built database mixed with artificial intelligence can help you give your pet a healthier lifestyle and you a less costly and stressful decisions

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