Christmas Gift Ideas 2020: Big love for guinea pigs (AU)

All out of Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones? Browse gift guides for your small pets or get unique ideas for DIY presents.

No. 1

Hey Piggy, are you in a last minute panic to see your six pack before holiday? Piggy weightlifter will do!

The HayPigs® Piggy Weightlifter is the world’s first, horizontal, pet friendly, vegetable kebab maker!
Pull off the end, laden up the rod with carrots, cucumbers, celery and peppers (or whatever fruit or veg your piggies like!), then pop the end back on and give it to your piggies!
Watch them shift it around, run off with it and play tug of war. Can even be mounted from the side of a cage if you’re feeling adventurous!

Product name: Piggy Weightlifter – Vegetable Kebab Made by Hay Pigs.

Price: AUD$19.90

Purchase Link:Click Here


What will be a great add on to your piggys? A nice dining table!


This fun, interactive toy provides a variety of compartments for your guinea pig, rat, mouse, or rabbit to explore. Watch them scratch and sniff around to retrieve delicious treats or veggies, which you can place inside

Product Name: Maze A Long Treat Challenge

Price: AUD$ 24.90

Purchase link: Click Here

No. 3

Hay and grass makes up 80-90% of a healthy guinea pigs diet and they love the stuff! This quirky circus wagon themed hay hopper will have your piggies literally hopping with excitement when they discover it filled with their favourite nosh!

The wagon is made from non-toxic materials so it is safe for your guinea pigs to nibble on. It’s also got a lid, so your pigs won’t accidentally clamber inside! The hopper can be filled with a variety of tasty hays, grass and forage which will provide great fibre for your piggies. This helps their digestive system and keeps their teeth worn down.

Product Name: Wheek Wagon – Hay Hooper By HayPigs!

Price: AUD$59.90

Purchase link: Click Here

No. 4

With just a little training (or maybe none at all), your pet can enjoy hours of fun and enjoyment with this colorful, adjustable treat ball. It is bright yellow with carrot images, and is 7 cm (2.8 inches) in diameter.

Product name: Wheeky Treat Ball

Price: AUD $17.9

Purchase link: Click Here

No. 5

Download ‘My Guinea Pig’ App
iOS: Download from Apple Store
andriod: Download from Google Play Store

Our apps are uniquely developed for each pet to give their carers the peace of mind in knowing they’re feeding their pets the right food and giving them the right care validated by exotic veterinarians and rescues.

We also connect the pet parents together, helping them network and building a social community specifically designed for each pet group.

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