Christmas Gift Ideas 2020: Big love for guinea pigs (US)

No. 1

The Perfect Gift – A truly unique gift guaranteed to bring a smile. It is a great gift and decor under $20

Product Name: Metal Sign – Warning Property Protected By Guinea Pig

Price: US$18.99

Purchase Link: Click Here

No. 2

Who doesn’t like a Teepee Tent? Give your little one a fun play area or hiding place with this teepee play tent.
The teepee tent is not only stylish but also extremely cozy. The bottom features the same construction as our corner pillow and the side drapes provides some additional coverage to help your pets feel more secure. The bows are sewn on so you won’t have to worry about it coming undone. And like our corner pillow, the base of the teepee tent is lined with uHaul for absorbency.

Product name: Four Legged Luxuries Teepee Tent

Price: US $30.00

Purchase link: Click Here

No. 3

Big fan of Star War and also a guinea pig lover? Check out this lovely combo!

Guinea Pig Jedi Cute Guinea Pig Star Wars Fan Art Print image 0

Product Name: Guinea Pig Jedi Cute Guinea Pig Star Wars Fan Art Print

Price: US$14.50

Purchase Link: Check Here

No. 4

Closed type with an open entrance design brings Sense of security. To Rest, Play or Sleep, nothing is more important than a safe shelter for the sensitive little Pet, even if you already have the cage, they still need this Hideaway to relax.

Product name: Spring Fever Hamster Guinea Pig Rabbit Dog Cat Chinchilla Hedgehog Bird Small Animal Pet Bed House Hideout Cage Accessories

Price: USD$13.99

Purchase link: Click Here

No. 5

Download ‘My Guinea Pig’ App
iOS: Download from Apple Store
andriod: Download from Google Play Store

Our apps are uniquely developed for each pet to give their carers the peace of mind in knowing they’re feeding their pets the right food and giving them the right care validated by exotic veterinarians and rescues.

We also connect the pet parents together, helping them network and building a social community specifically designed for each pet group.

Please feel free to leave a comment here if you have any other Christmas gift ideas.