Christmas Gift Ideas 2020: Big love for guinea pigs (UK)

No. 1

Need an elegant deco at your place? How about this?

Personalised Guinea Pig Name Sign Print. Custom name print Rose Gold foil

Product Name: Personalised Guinea Pig Name Sign Print. Custom name print with your pet name. Rose Gold, Gold and other foil choices.

Price: £5.49+

Purchase link: Check Here
No. 2

Nothing better than a good sleep! A cozy, cute and fun hamster bed that offer hamster a comfortable and warm feeling.

Product name:Hamster Bed, Sugar Glider Cage Accessories Hammock, Hamster House Toys for Small Animal Sugar Glider Squirrel Hamster Rat Playing Sleeping (1Pack Pineapple)

Price: £10.99

Purchase link: Click Here

No. 3

As featured in the Sunday Times “Ultimate Gift Guide” and on BBC Breakfast News.
This toy won’t launch your guinea pigs into orbit!
But it will provide them with a stimulating boredom breaker while making their pad look pretty funky too!


Product name: HayPigs!® Cavy Cannonball™ – Tilting Tunnel
Price: from £11.99
Purchase link: Click Here
No. 4
It is made of 100% tear-proof and waterproof polyester fabric, which is an ideal fabric for shopping bags. It is light in weight, but very strong, crack-resistant and waterproof, it is an essential helper in life.

Product name: Reusable Shopping Bags Jumbo Pirate Guinea Pigs Eco-Friendly Foldable Groceries Pouch Set Washable Tote Bag Storage Bag

Price: £7.99

Purchase link: Click Here

No. 5

Download ‘My Guinea Pig’ App
iOS: Download from Apple Store
andriod: Download from Google Play Store

Our apps are uniquely developed for each pet to give their carers the peace of mind in knowing they’re feeding their pets the right food and giving them the right care validated by exotic veterinarians and rescues.

We also connect the pet parents together, helping them network and building a social community specifically designed for each pet group.

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