A tool for dog owners looking to achieve top nutrition

Validated by exotic veterinarians

Customised for YOUR pet

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Dog food finder, a proof of concept

A friendly chatbot that asks you a few questions about your dog, then recommends the best food and supplements for them. 

No pet food marketing. Only real nutrition.


Our bot asks you key questions about your pet


It runs the data through our algorithm


And generates tailored advice unique only to your dog

Caring for a pet is tough
We want to help

Pets are meant to bring joy into our lives, and we want to take away the anxiety and doubt that comes with uncertainty, as well as the catastrophic results of inappropriate internet advice.

As a veterinarian, our co-founder Nicole knows that prevention is better than cure. For owners, it can be difficult to know how, when, or why to prevent something they don't even know about.

This is where Upilio comes in, we are on a mission to build a free, non-biased platform that uses vet-sourced data and tailors it to equip you with what you need to know to care for your furry little friend

The state of the vet industry

Despite the pet industry's massive growth after covid, the vet industry has not fared as well. With burnout rates at an all-time high, more veterinarians are leaving the profession than ever, and pet owners are struggling to find timely care and advice.

The pet and vet industry has lagged behind in adopting new technologies and automation, and the sheer number of pet products available can confuse customers about what's best for their pet.

We help veterinarians educate pet owners on home care and personalised nutritional diet as well as reduce missed illnesses and emergency visits by prompting pet owners to schedule a visit earlier when our AI detects a potential issue.


We also do a podcast!

By Dr Nicole Su & Jez Watts

A very small podcast about big animal issues. Weekly episodes hosted by Dr Nicole Su (BSc. BVMS MANZCVS Unusual Pets).
Dr Nicole Su is a veterinarian, Jez Watts is a comedian-biotechnologist, and together they discuss commonly misunderstood topics in the pet and vet world. They live with three rabbits who are their children.
Presented by Upilio Pty Ltd.

Download our guinea pigs app, our second proof of concept

So how do we do it? What's the underlying magic?

How can one deliver reliable on-point information, at the right time, in the right context, for the pet owner that needs it?

Our secrets are in this article: How to automate the pet industry